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The Kiddos’ New Happy Place

  • The Kiddos’ New Happy Place

    Our Kid-Approved Favorites

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The kids have spoken and these are their favorite menu items at Legacy Hall:

Press Waffle Co.: Press Waffle Co. has a variety of kid-friendly options! The Kiddo Waffle, Waffle pops, and Plain Waffle with Powdered Sugar are sure to be a hit every time.

Kids love The House Waffle and mothers will appreciate how this dessert not only satisfies their child’s sweet tooth but also gives them a serving of their daily fruit!

Forno Nero: A kid favorite at Forno Nero is their classic Margherita pizza. (A.K.A CHEESE) After this savory entree, your child is going to want something sweet. The good news is that Forno Nero has the perfect shareable dessert, S’mores Calzone, that both you and your child can enjoy.

Haute Sweets: Haute Sweets carries an assortment of delicious desserts! Kids love their classic ice cream flavors and variety of cookies. Plus, with the new additions like: creamy milkshakes, and frothy floats with either root beer or cola – your kids will be bouncing with delight (or sugar… sorry, not sorry!).  And did we mention the Banana Splits topped with sprinkles and whipped cream – double yum!


Tacos Patron: Pro Tip: Breakfast Taco’s from Taco Patron are kid-friendly.

Whisk & Eggs:  At Whisk & Eggs your kids can create their own crepes! With a variety of different toppings, there is sure to be a crepe your child will enjoy.

You can try savory or sweet crepes with a sneaky serving of fruit on top!

High Bar Kitchen & Tap: The newest addition to the third floor is High Bar Kitchen & Tap, a full-service dining restaurant! The Kobe Burger Sliders are perfect for those little hands. This dish comes with three small burgers that are not only appetizing but extremely easy to eat.  

Roots Chicken Shak: Does your child love chicken tenders?! If you answered yes, then Roots Chicken Shak is a go too! These mouth-watering chicken strips are sure to leave your child full and happy!

Carlton Provisions:  Don’t these Tator Tots look appetizing?! Easy to eat, satisfying, and yummy! Located in the Box Garden, Carlton Provisions is a great spot to bring your child to and enjoy a meal out in the sun.

SusieCakes: You’ll have to wipe the frosting mustache off your kiddo’s face after they dive into these homemade cupcakes. Let your little ones press their faces up against the glass and choose between Cupcakes, Frosted Sugar Cookies, Lemon Squares, and tons of other delicious desserts!

Degenhardts Brat Haus: You’re in luck! Degenhardts already comes with a kid ’s menu! They understand the importance of having accessible and good food that you’re kids will enjoy. These food options include The Junior Dog (a premium hot dog served in a pretzel bun) and a Kid’s Combo which includes a Junior Dog served with seasoned fries & apple juice.

New: Degenhardts has added some good looking corn dogs to their menu! A simple and quick meal both you and your child will like.

Side Note: A great shareable dish you and your child can enjoy is their chicken sandwich! It comes with grilled onions (which can always be optional) with an over-easy egg.

Bravazo Rotisserie: Do you love chicken? Does your child like chicken? Then Bravazo Rotisserie is the right place for you! With sharable size dishes, this food stall is a great place to have lunch or dinner with your child. A great side to any of their meals is the smoked gouda and truffle oil mac-n-cheese. Truffle can always be optional depending on your child’s preference.

Berrynaked: These cold treats are a perfect way to sneak in a serving of fresh fruit. Enjoy a warm summer afternoon with a sweet treat that has no preservatives, no artificial sugars, no color dyes, no processed ingredients, and no fillers!

Sea Breeze: Make sure to stop by Sea Breeze and get some fries for your kids!  (a staff favorite!)

Son of a Butcher: Does your kid deserve a treat for good behavior? Grab him or her a Brownie or Apple Pie Milkshake from Son of a Butcher to slurp on. No kid has turned one down yet.

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