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Seasonal Sips at Legacy Hall

  • Seasonal Sips at Legacy Hall

    What’s Summer Without A Cool Cocktail?

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Legacy Hall is bringing innovation to our seasonal craft cocktails this summer. Sit back, relax, and take a sip…

When asked about the inspiration behind these ultramodern craft cocktails, Legacy Hall bartenders point to Beverage Director Nichelle Ritter, who curated the names and mixtures herself for these audacious summer picks. “Delicious, refreshing and quenching are the words that should come to mind when our guests dive into these summer drinks,” she explains.

Tea Time

Jasmine Tea-Infused New Amsterdam Vodka | St. Germain Elderflower | Lemon | Honey

Don’t feel any guilt about indulging on this antioxidant-rich cocktail. This jasmine tea-infused drink is fragrant, yet delicate. “Think spa in a glass – New Amsterdam is the perfect medium to bring together the subtle scent of jasmine and the tantalizing taste of St Germain,” says Ritter. It’s safe to say you’ll finish this one feeling suuuuuuper zen. ?

What’s Up Doc

Carrot-infused New Amsterdam Gin | Orange Bitters | Honey | Lime

Want to enjoy a drink but feeling a little under the weather? We got you covered! Considered to be one of the most popular powerfoods, carrots are an excellent source of vitamin C to boost your immune system. You’ll love the burst of benefits that come with this beverage. “From the light sweetness to vibrant color, you can’t go wrong!” says Ritter.

Coconut Basil Daiquiri

Rum Haven Coconut Rum | Thai Basil | Lime | Simple

This Thai basil-infused coconut lime daiquiri attracts plenty of attention in its name alone. It’s a perfect step up from the classic daiquiri recipe. Here, trendy Thai basil freshens the classic Daiquiri in the form of Rum Haven Coconut Rum and simple syrup―plus the essential lime juice and coconut garnishings, of course.


See you on the patio!

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