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Press Waffle Co.

You may call it an obsession, but we like to think of it as a ‘calling.’ After traveling throughout Europe, brothers Caleb and Bryan fell in love with Belgian waffles and set out to create the most authentic Liege waffle recipe they could. Made from a dough that is proofed for 24 hours to develop flavor and texture, and then loaded up with caramelized clusters of Belgian pearl sugar (YUM!) for an out of this world dessert experience.

Chef Caleb & Bryan Lewis of Press Waffle Co
Chef Caleb & Bryan Lewis of Press Waffle Co

Meet Chef Caleb & Bryan Lewis

After discovering Liege waffles with his wife during their European travels in the summer of 2013, Bryan Lewis wanted more. More waffles in his life. After not being able to find the magical Liege waffle anywhere in Dallas, he set out to make them on his own. Countless recipes, taste testings, and pounds of weight gained later, he knew he had something special. Sharing his waffles with friends and family brought him so much joy that he decided to bring that joy to as many people as possible. When his brother Caleb came home from college, Bryan dragged him (and the rest of the family) into the venture and Press Waffle Company was born. Founded as a food truck in the summer of 2016, Press found immediate favor with local foodies and soon signed an agreement to open at Legacy Hall. With lines around the corner every weekend, the brothers look forward to expanding Press to many more cities. America deserves a new way to waffle!



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