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Whisk & Eggs

Chef Julien Eelsen grew up in Paris learned the way of the crêpe alongside his grandmother and aunt. French café –inspired, the crepes are constructed on specialized griddles,  filled with literally any toppings you’d like, from sweet to savory. His authentic recipe combined with the choice of sweet or savory, makes it a morning to late night favorite! We’re a little crêpe-zy!

Chef Julien Eelsen
Chef Julien Eelsen

Meet Chef Julien Eelsen

Chef Julien Eelsen’s love for cooking started at an early age in Paris, France. He and his family would make homemade crêpes using fresh picked gooseberries, strawberries and rhubarb from the garden. And while he pursued a career in the business sector traveling the world; he never lost his fondness for the joys and comfort of French cooking. When his work brought him to Dallas, he rekindled that passion and decided to open a bistro with French roots. It was then that Whisk Crêpes Café was established in 2015. Its success led to the spin off of Whisk & Eggs at Legacy Hall in December of 2017, offering savory and sweet crêpes along with breakfast sandwiches and craft espresso drinks. When you visit Julien, you’ll find Paris in every bite, and a sweet accent to boot!



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