Quarantine Meal & Booze Kits To-Go

The grocery store is a scary place these days! Skip the empty shelves, germ-y shopping carts and hoarders in the aisles. Legacy Hall now offers Boozy To-Go Kits and Quarantine Meal Kits to keep your belly full and your stress at a minimum.

How Do I Order & Where Do I Pick-Up!?

Call: 469-934-6757

Boozy Kits are only available for Curbside Pick-Up.

Pick-up Location: The tent located on the north-west side of Legacy Hall on Windrose.

Meal Kits are available for Curbside Pick-up at Legacy Hall AND Delivery through GrubHub.

Find All The Offerings Below:

Quarantine Meal Kits

Dock Local

Dreaming of Ocean Views: Ready to Eat Meal Kit (Serves 1-2)      

  • Lobster Grinder
  • Lobster Bisque Bowl
  • Crab Queso & Chips
  • Dockside Pickles

For $35

Dreaming of Ocean Views for 4: Ready to Eat Meal Kit (Serves 4)

  • Lobster Grinder (2)
  • Lobster Bisque Bowl (2)
  • Crab Queso & Chips (2)
  • Dockside Pickles (2)

For $63

Hōru Sushi

Get Your Sushi Fixe Package:

  • Edamame x 1
  • Potsticker x 5pcs
  • Ahi Tuna Tower x 1
  • California Roll x 1
  • Hurricane Shrimp x 1

For $50

Chef Chin's Hibachi & Ramen

Chef Chin’s Comfort In-A-Box:

  • House Salad x 1
  • Vegetables Spring Roll x 4pcs
  • Fried Chicken Ramen x 1
  • NY Strip Steak Fried Rice x 1
  • Shrimp Stir-Fried Yakisoba Noodle x 1

For $50

Want More?

Find complete menus for select eateries online for delivery.

To Order Online for Delivery, go to:

Boozy Kits To-Go

With all this scariness, we could all use a little liquid-courage. Therefore, we’ve put together some Boozy To-Go Kits to cheer-up your quarantine blues. Available To-Go with the purchase of a salty snack:

Make My Day: Mimosa Make-at-Home Kit (4-6 Servings) [$25]

Yulupa Sparkling Wine | Choice of OJ, Grapefruit, Pineapple, Cranberry

Make My Day: Bloody Mary Make-at-Home Kit (4-6 Servings) [$55]

Titos | ZingZang | Olives | Lime | Celery | Carrot

Hoarders Margarita On-The-Rocks (5 Servings) [$40]

Lunazul Blanco Tequila | Triple Sec | Lime | Orange | Simple

Quran’tini Kit (Up to 6 Servings) [$36]

Tito’s Vodka | Olives | Olive Juice

Old Fashioned Kit (Up to 6 Servings)

Whiskey | Angostura Bitters | Orange Bitters | Orange Peel | Simple

Choice of Bourbon: Jack Daniels ($36) | Woodford Reserve ($45)

Mule Kit (Up to 6 Servings) [$28]

Tito’s | Fever Tree Ginger Beer | Lime

Paloma Kit (Up to 6 Servings) [$25]                

Lunazul | Grapefruit | Lime | Simple | Soda

Virtual Happy Hour Kits

Get creative with all that extra time and become your own personal bartender with these Make-At-Home Cocktail Essentials Kits. Each purchase of a bottle comes with a choice of mixer, plus garnishes like limes, oranges and olives.

Mixers include: Fever Tree Ginger Beer, Cola, Soda, Tonic, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Cranberry Juice

Take Your Pick of Liquor from our extensive list:

It's Ok To Wine

Now that you’re homeschooling your kids, or cancelling all your trips, or missing out on walking at graduation, or you haven’t seen a human in the last 7 days…It’s Okay! You can “wine” about it. A good bottle of wine will always listen. Here’s our Wine Picks To-Go:


Beer Beats Boredom

You have our permission to hoard some beer. Swing by and Pick-up a Crowler or Growler (or bring your own growler and we’ll fill it up) with Unlawful Assembly Beer To-Go:

Crowler: $11 | Growler: $23 | BYO Growler: $18

Beer "Can" Save Your Sanity (6-Packs)

Pick-up a 6-Pack of Beer Cans To-Go with your Roots Chicken Shak wings.

Thank you!

Not to sober you up… But with each Tipsy Quarantine Kit you purchase, you’re helping keep Legacy Hall’s doors open during this unprecedented time. Thank you for supporting small, local businesses! We dream of brighter days of patio day-drinking, foot stomping concerts and delicious meals enjoyed in a community setting–but until then, let us feed you AND booze you up from afar.

All tips collected on-site will go to a fund to support the 100+ furloughed Legacy Hall employees.

With Gratitude,

Your Friends at Legacy Hall