Don't just have lunch, have an experience

Lunch shouldn’t be a bore! Here are 3 reasons why you should skip the brown bag lunch and hang with us at Legacy Hall

To Get It Fast

We wish you could stay all day, but we know you have places to be. Your 45-minute lunch break is a perfect amount of time to pop in and enjoy a meal. Ample parking is available in our huge parking garage out back. Everyone on your team can easily meet up and choose their own favorite eatery in the Hall — picky eaters are welcome!

To Try Something New

With over 20 carefully-selected unique restaurant eateries, you’ll never run out of things to try at Legacy Hall. We have food from all over the world! No matter how experienced your palate is, you’ll find something brand new and delicious every time you visit.


There’s a reason why the Hall was ranked USA Today’s Top 2 Best Food Halls in the nation. What other lunch spot has 20+ restaurant eateries, multiple bars and a sprawling outdoor seating area? Enjoy your meal as you soak in the colorful surroundings, savory aromas, and bustling hallways. Choose your group’s favorite place to sit: outside or inside, at the bar, on the couches or the picnic tables.