If you thought our regular beverages tasted good, then get ready for all kinds of yummy sensations with our winter warmer beverages!

The Alcoholic Specialties

Hot Toddy

A mix of warm honey and lemon makes this drink the perfect winter blend. The aroma of cinnamon combined with hints of Old Forester Bourbon Whiskey will have you wanting to sit by a hot fire on a cool winter night!

Hot Buttered Rum

One of our faves, the Hot Buttered Rum is ready to cure all your winter blues. This unique beverage combines Captain Morgan Rum, butter, and melted ice-cream (yes, we said it, real ice-cream!) for a sweet, flavorful brew. We’ve topped it off with cinnamon and brown sugar for that extra punch.


In German, Gluhwein means “glow wine”, which is no surprise because this libation will definitely put a glow on your face! We used traditional honey and spices to enhance the authentic flavors of this traditional European drink. Made with mulled wine and hints of cinnamon, this winter sip will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside…literally!

The Non-Alcoholic Selection

*All of our Non-Alcoholic beverages can be made Alcoholic

Hot Buttered Fun

Hot buttered fun is exactly what it sounds like–hot, buttery, and oh so much fun! Made with butter, melted ice cream and brown sugar, this sip is pure joy for kiddo’s.


Hot Cocoa

Get ready for everyone’s favorite drink…hot cocoa! Made with cocoa, cream and brown sugar, this winter classic pairs best with a macaron or two from Haute Sweets.

Hot Cider

Enjoy a Hot Cider (and make it alcoholic for some extra fun) in the Box Garden! Enjoy the warmth of the heated tent and sip away on this classic fave.