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Are you so obsessed with Mean Girls?

  • Are you so obsessed with Mean Girls?

    Put on your pink and join us for movie night!

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So, you guys, what's the 411?

So here’s the 411, first you need to know when it is:

It's October 3rd

Duh! And it just so happens, this year, October 3rd is a Wednesday!

So grab your clique and join us in the Lexus Box Garden for a night full of coolness.

Legacy Hall is the perfect place for a Mean Girls movie night. Which is why we’ll have our very own Burn Book’ menu:

Filled with featured items from the movie, some we like invented, you know what we mean?

Like our very own “That’s So Fetch” cookies from Everett & Elaine, Haute Sweet’s “Cady’s Strawberry Macaron” and we can’t forget the (beer) cheese fries!

Grab any one of the items listed below from our fabulous food stalls:

Whatever, I'm getting cheese fries

With over nine bars, of course they’ll be plenty of martinis and cocktails to go around! But it’s Mean Girls day…so we created our very own “You Can’t Sit With Us” cocktail, but we’re “cady” like that.

Sit with the greatest people you’ve ever met and reserve a VIP seat in the Box Garden!

Make sure you get here early because we’ll have plenty of pre-movie entertainment with clips from your favorite Mean Girls-esque movies and TV shows like The Heathers and Real Housewives.

Maybe you’ll even win a part of the Spring Fling Queen crown…

And some for everybody else

There’s just no limit to our plans!

See you there!

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