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Unlawful Assembly Barrel Aged Beers

  • Unlawful Assembly Barrel Aged Beers

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Fall, it may be hard to believe, but it’s just around the corner! We know it’s 100 degrees outside, but that hasn’t dampened brewmaster Tom Janik’s plans for a delectable Fall beer lineup at Unlawful Assembly Brewing Co.  

We were curious how Tom might outdo himself (especially with this being the brewery’s first Fall)… and believe us, we were not disappointed.


Q&A with Brewmaster Tom Janik

Q: Tom, what can Unlawful Assembly  fans expect from the brewery this Fall?

A: We’re really excited to announce that we’ve barrel-aged the Legacy Hall & Oats Stout for the past 3 months. It was a great beer, a lot people loved it, so we partnered with Western Son Distillery and we barreled it back in April.


Q: Is 3 months long enough to get a good barrel aged beer?

A: Interestingly enough, you actually maximize the flavor of the barrel at 3 months, after that it’s diminishing returns. Of course, you could barrel age for a year or more when you’re using a bourbon barrel,and you may get more wood flavor — but 3 months is really optimal in our opinion.


Q: Western Son Distillery, have you partnered with them before?

A: No. This is our first partnership like this. Western Son is a local distillery located in Pilot Point, Texas. They carry an impressive line of vodka, gin and bourbon. We utilized their bourbon barrels for this project and they’ve been a great partner — we’re thankful for their support.


Q: What makes barrel aged beer so special?

A: It adds a whole new dimension to the beer. When I was at Twin Peaks brewery, we did this one barrel age process that completely transformed the beer — it was really cool. Our barrel aging for the Legacy Hall & Oats Stout will definitely add a whole new depth of flavor and complexity to an already amazing beer. The vanilla flavor is definitely amplified and you can taste the oak. We’re excited to share it with everyone.  


Q: When can guests expect the new Barrel Aged Legacy Hall & Oats Stout to be available?

A: Well, we’re almost done — so we hope to release it in September. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready.


Q: For people who may not be familiar, does the barrel age process add to the alcohol content?

A: Good question. No, not really, it may slightly — but you really don’t want it to. If it were to do that, it would mess with the chemistry of the beer–and you don’t want that.


Q: Ok Tom, so what’s next? Any more barrel aged beers planned?

A: We have a Coconut Porter in the works (not barrel aged)– talk about a little bit of summer/fall in a cup, it’ll be good. And then, we’re be barrel-aging our Smoke Screen Brown Ale in Jack Daniels Rye Whiskey barrels. That actually went into the barrels last week. You should look for that on tap starting in November. It’s going to be good one.


Visit Unlawful Assembly Brewing Co. on the 3rd floor of Legacy Hall, or visit our website to learn more:

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