South African born and trained, executive chef Clifford Barratt is bringing his “Veloce” (quick!)¬†cooking skills to The Italian Job, an eatery that will have you tortellini in love with his artisanal pastas. Barratt has spent over a decade honing his craft and building a portfolio of award-winning concepts including, Old Town Italy in South Africa. Now, he brings his passion for artisanal, locally sourced, quality ingredients right to P-town!

You have to try the classic Renzo’s Pasta, which has a flavorful tang of Mamma’s Red Sauce, Mozarella and Basil Pesto. We also adore the Pasta Alla Scoglio, which features a delectable blend of Tagliatelle, Shrimp, Rosa Tomatoes, Lemon and Basil – but be careful, it’s got a little spice! Did we mention you can even cut the carbs by substituting any pasta with Zucchini Noodles (zoodles!)? Bravo!

NOW OPEN for you to explore all the pasta-bilities on the menu!